The International NET XChange Group is a college-prep and career readiness mentoring organization for youth ages 11-18. Making students's live happy from elementary to high school to achieve academic excellence is a major goal of NET XChange.  The organization believes that social skills are essential to happy children performing well academically.

Why Us

Designing performance around what matters to students.

NET XChange creates opportunities that will transform how students look and approach school and life, resulting in life-long learners and change agents in the community.  We are passionate about helping students transform their lives one day at a time.  Our curriculum helps students:

  • Understand who they are
  • Be developed in what they can become
  • Walk in the fulfillment of their destiny

The choice is up to them!

Our History

Training youth to live a life driven by purpose.

The International NET XChange Group started with six young men.  One year later, three young women were added.  The group went on their first trip together to Washington, DC. The role of NET XChange is to support the education process which begins in the home.  Parents, who are aware of the academic and social behavior of their children, contribute more effectively in the fulfillment of their child's divine purpose.

The Get a "GRIP" Nation of NET XChange is a group of youth who are real, focused, respectful and eager to learn with a positive attitude. They G (set Goals), R (take Responsibility), I (get Informed) and P (stay Purpose-driven).


  • Impacted over 1,000+ students (male and female)
  • Coordinated 27 academic city tours and 21 artistic performances
  • Created with students, parents and chaperones the Pathway to Freedom Exhibit in 2005 (featuring the Trail of Tears trail heroes, the Underground Railroad faces of freedom, the Civil Rights Movement history makers and the Greenwood Massacre survivors
  • Developed Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Go Scholastic Training Marathon
  • Established bi-annual  father/son and mother/daughter retreats--focusing on building relationships
  • Planned and coordinated the Career Shadowing tour to Chicago with eight corporations, colleges, medical facility and news media.
  • Established a youth outreach program for students

Success Story

100% high school graduation rate in four years.

The development of social skills is seen as the antidote for problems in schools, homes and communities.  It is time to invest in our youth today, before they become a statistic tomorrow.

"Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional."    ~Mark Sanborn



"The greatest tragedy in life is to live with missed opportunities, regrets and no options available to make choices."

The mission of NET XCHANGE is to transform, inspire, motivate and train youth to:

  • Renew their dreams
  • Retrain their thinking
  • Reframe their environments

Youth in NET XChange are being equipped with the tools needed to embrace core values, intellectual prowess and spiritual wholeness that is used to educate the mind and discipline the conscience. John Dickey once said, "To create the power of competence without creating a corresponding direction to guide the use of that power is bad education.  NET XChange has a three-part implementation of its mission:

  • First, to train youth how to be arms and legs of service to the community.
  • Secondly, to develop purpose driven youth who are disciplined, dedicated and focused on education, spiritual growth and their future.
  • Thirdly, to secure financial underwriters to assist in the Scholastic Marathon training curriculum offered to disadvantage youth.

Work Team