Pathway to Freedom Tour

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Pathway to Freedom Tour


The Pathway to Freedom Exhibit was created by youth for youth. It tells of the journey that the students of NET XChange went on in search of their history and the people they met along the way. It was a life change experience for the students and the chaperones on the trip who met people who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr, as well as experienced what it was like to be on the run during the Underground Railroad in Dover, DE.


The Pathway to Freedom Exhibit was created in 2005 after a trip the students of The International NET XChange Group took on a 10 cities, 8 states tour from Montgomery Alabama to Boston, MA.The exhibit focuses on the Transatlantic Slave Trade Africans,the Trail of Tears trail heroes, the Underground Railroad faces of freedom, the Black Wall Street race riot survivors and the Civil Rights Movement history makers.


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Pathway to Freedom Tour

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