Let Freedom RING–Your Vote, Your Right, Your Voice

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<p style="color:gray;">Let Freedom RING–Your Vote,...

Let Freedom RING–Your Vote,...


“Let Freedom Ring—Your Vote, Your Right, Your Voice” was written to help young voters navigate and understand the political process as well as why it is important as an American citizen to exercise their right to vote.

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Over the years, polls have indicated that young voters have increasingly neglected to exercise their voting rights in state and location elections and only voting in the national elections.  Which could be due to lack of knowledge of where to go to get information needed to vote. The book helps provide the next steps resources to know where to quickly find polling locations, where to go to research a candidate and where to go to register online.

The book talks about the history of a people who were denied the right to vote and the brave men and women, boys and girls who risked their lives to insure that future generations could vote.  Lastly, “Let Freedom Ring—Your Vote, Your Right, Your Voice” is a resource guide that young voters can use that will walked them through the process of becoming an informed voter.



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Let Freedom RING–Your Vote,... ”

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