Pathway Destination Cities Card

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<p style="color:gray;">Pathway Destination Cities Card</p>

Pathway Destination Cities Card


The mission of NET XChange Pathway Destination Cities is to help youth be the seers and the doers in telling history to the next generation of youth coming behind them. The uniqueness of the Pathway To Freedom Exhibit is that it was created by youth for youth. We want youth to see the excellence of presentations made by other youth and desire to get involved. You can’t be the voice of history, if you don’t know history.


The Pathway Destination Cities was created to help locations across the United States to involve their youth in telling their city's story to visitors. Our goal is:

  • To replicate The Pathway to Freedom Exhibit in destination cities across the United States.

  • To conduct Educational History forums in destination cities

  • To have Airlines to package trips to destination cities where the Pathway To Freedom replicas are located

  • To motivate youth to create their own history exhibit in their city


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Pathway Destination Cities Card

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